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Soundbarre is a form-focused barre fitness studio located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Our method provides a low-impact, full body workout proven to strengthen and sculpt, while also promoting a sense of focus and stress relief. With an emphasis on posture, we use a ballet barre to achieve optimal positioning in our classes which draw insights from Pilates, yoga, and classical dance. While our classes are NOT dance classes, music is a major part of the Soundbarre experience. We understand that a workout only truly works if it’s sustainable, so our goal is to provide fun, creative, and challenging classes that never feel boring. We celebrate all body types and hope to help our clients fall more in love with their bodies and themselves each day! #soundMIND #barreBODY.



soundBARRE is our classic barre class. With inspirations from pilates, yoga, and classical dance, we place a huge emphasis on form in this class. Although it is NOT a dance class, we utilize a ballet barre for balance and for achieving proper alignment. Great for both beginners and veterans to the barre! We encourage all newcomers to start with this class.

soundBARRE CARDIO class is a fast paced, cardio-style barre that is sure to get your heart rate up and make you sweat! We combine our barre exercises with various 1-2 minute cardio intervals for a real calorie burner! ALL cardio and barre exercises can be modified to fit different fitness levels. Beginners are welcomed in this class, but be aware that it moves quickly!

soundBARRE POWER is our most advanced class. We incorporate fuller ranges of motion and more advanced positions. Our instructors get more creative while teaching this class which allows our advanced level clients to explore their strengths and reach new limits. No beginners please. We recommend taking at least 5 other classes before attempting this one. But, don't be afraid of this class—it's a client favorite!

soundBARRE TABATA is a combination of tabata-style cardio intervals and our classic barre exercises. Tabata cardio is done in short intervals of maximum effort with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest between each interval. This class is our biggest calorie burner, so prepare to sweat! The best part about tabata style cardio is, "you can do anything for 20 seconds!" This class is beginner friendly and welcomes all levels of fitness.


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In PREPARATION FOR CLASS, we recommend that you never “shake” on an empty stomach (ESPECIALLY in cardio classes). A small snack 30 mins prior to class will help your body stay energized while you burn calories and “shake to change."
When deciding WHAT TO WEAR, go for comfort! Tight fitting pants (aka yoga pants) often work well. We DO NOT require foot wear. Grippy socks optional. No shoes.
FIRST TIME REGISTRATION can be set up online (recommended), OR paperwork can be completed in studio prior to class. Either way, first timers should arrive 10 minutes early, allowing plenty of time for set up, and providing you with a better experience at the barre. In the case of late arrivals, teacher reserves the right to turn you away.
YOU WILL NEED water! Please hydrate throughout class, your body will thank you for it later! We sell water in studio ($1) if you forget yours. All equipment needed for class is provided by us, free of charge. If you tend to sweat, a small towel is recommended for cardio and fire classes.
SIGN IN! Please make sure to sign our sign-in sheet at the front desk prior to every class you attend.
PRACTICE GOOD BARRE ETIQUETTE. Please be courteous to all of your friendly barre neighbors. Keep in mind that this workout relies heavily on a mind/body connection. Distractions such as late arrivals, talking throughout class, and leaving early can drastically alter the experience for everyone there. This is a GROUP fitness class, so we just ask that you please keep that in mind.

the Soundbarre team

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Our instructors are certified and trained to bring you a safe, fun, and effective workout, and each instructor brings their own unique style to the barre. While we offer group fitness classes at Soundbarre, we encourage our clients to work at their own level. Don't hesitate to ask your instructor for modifications or helpful tips. We look forward to getting to know you at the barre! Soundbarre is co-owned by Anne Livengood, Katie Jennings-Campbell, and Avena Joyce.



  • 10 days for $10 (must show local I.D.)
  • $99 for first month of unlimited class
  • Tourist Package - $30 for 1 week of class
  • Single Class $22
  • 10 Class Pack $175 ($17.50 per class)
  • 20 Class Pack $300 ($15.00 per class)
  • 30 Class Pack $375 ($12.50 per class)
  • Unlimited Month $175
  • 12-MONTH VIP MEMBERSHIP $130/month
  • 15% off all retail from the SB Boutique
  • 3 free visitor passes per year
  • 3 free late cancels per year
  • Discounts on all event admission
  • 6-MONTH MEMBERSHIP $150/month
  • 15% off all retail from the SB Boutique
  • SB Private Barre Party starts at $168
  • (prices vary based on needs)

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